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If you have sewage in your home whatever you do – dont touch it! You need a water damage specialist certified in sewage clean up to help you.

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Sewage Cleanup

Are You In Need of Sewage Water Removal and Damage Restoration?



Don’t make the mistake of hesitating to act or calling the wrong company!

You need professionals to handle a problem of this magnitude, because even small sewage leaks are very big problems.

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Make no mistake! This IS an Emergency!

Every moment that you wait to call in the professionals is equal to thousands of dollars worth of property damage as the bacteria and corrosive ridden sewage water is eating away at your home.

It is also one more moment that you are consciously endangering your family.

Sewage carries tens of thousands of different strains of bacteria that are all capable of causing serious illness and infection.

Everyone who enters the home is at risk!

Many historical plagues and epidemics have been brought about by unsanitary sewage systems and dozens of people are hospitalized each year to due to bacterial infections and mold-related illness all due to standing sewage water in the home.

Don’t expose your family to this hazard for another moment.

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For Immediate Assistance with Sewage Water!

This is the fastest and most effective way to have all of the sewage water professionally removed; to have the area thoroughly cleaned and sanitized; to ensure that no sewage or mold is left behind; to reverse damages; and to protect yourself, your family and your visitors from serious illness.

When you find sewage water in your home, it can seem highly overwhelming. However, you are not alone and the problem is not too big to address, despite how it may appear… and smell.

Call Right Now to Minimize Danger and Reverse Damages!

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Dangers Of A Sewage Backup:

The dangers of sewage backups cannot be over emphasized. Water that has been contaminated with sewage is extremely harmful to the health of human beings because it will be infested by a number of different types of viruses and bacteria that are dangerous to health. The major health concerns are those associated with the effect of harmful organisms in the gastrointestinal tract, which causes gastroenteritis, with symptoms of severe diarrhea and vomiting, as well as organisms that affect the liver and can cause yellow jaundice, or Hepatitis A, a severe liver dysfunction.

Gastroenteritis and Hepatitis A can be contracted by consuming water or food contaminated with harmful organisms in sewage, by touching your mouth with contaminated hands, or by placing contaminated items into your mouth. Individuals with open sores or cuts on the skin are particularly susceptible to bacterial, fungal or viral contamination, which can cause infection and skin irritation.

What to do when you discover a backup of sewage in your basement

It is essential to take the following steps if you find backup water or sewage in the basement of your home:

  • Assess the damage by checking where the source of the problem lies. Check sinks, waste pipes and toilets for blockages and clear them to eliminate an internal plumbing problem as the cause of the problem.
  • If there are no blockages, immediately call the services of City staff to come out and determine the cause of the backup.
  • Immediately stop using any plumbing, including toilets, as any water sent down the drain will probably end up in the basement and exacerbate the problem.
  • Make sure that you know where the clean-out caps for the sewer are located which will probably be in the basement, and ensure that there are no obstructions in the way that will make the caps inaccessible to City Staff. Under no circumstances should you attempt to open the clean-out caps yourself.

The response of City to a sewer backup or flood:
City staff will check whether the sewer pipe is working and proceed to fix it if there is a problem. If not, City staff will help identify the problem in the home connection. If the problem lies in the waste water drainage system, a plumber has to be consulted. If the problem is located in one of the lines which connect to the main sewer, City staff will determine who will be responsible for the cost of repairs, the City or the owner of the property.

What can be done to minimize the dangers and risks of contamination?

While you are waiting for City staff to arrive you can do the following to minimize the risks of infection and contamination from spreading. Take photographs or video recordings to document the damage for insurance purposes.

Bacteria and viruses

  • Add chlorine bleach in small amounts to standing water. Never mix ammonia with bleach.
  • Wearing rubber gloves and boots, start removing most of the standing water with buckets or pumps and then use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the rest.


Wherever equipment that uses gas, such as furnaces, stoves or heaters are threatened by floodwater, immediately call the 24 hour gas service line to have the gas service disconnected.


It is highly unsafe to enter the basement area if the water level has risen above the height of electrical outlets, extension cords or baseboard heaters. Immediately call the Electricity Department to shut off the main switch as it is not safe to attempt to do so yourself. Before the power is turned back on after the flood water has been removed, an electrical contractor should check the connections for safety.

What is safe to keep and what should be discarded

  • Discard all articles that have been in contact with waste water, such as insulation materials, particle board furniture, box springs, mattresses, pillows and soft toys.
  • Soft furnishings and covers such as cushions and padding. It may be possible to salvage the frames of quality wood furniture, providing it is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and dried by ventilation methods without the use of direct heat and away from sunlight.
  • Clothing may be salvaged if most of the dirt is scraped off and the items washed and rinsed several times in chlorine treated cold water. Dry quickly in well ventilated areas.
  • Valuable documents should be separated from other papers. Your lawyer will advise you whether to keep the actual documents or a digital copy.

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