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By Aaron Fiedling Parker | Submitted On June 12, 2013

If there's been any water damage on your commercial or residential property, you should not wait and should immediately call in professionals from a reputable water restoration company. In some cases, you can do restoration on your own, but there is too much risk to take it up as a DIY project. Let's have a close look at the services provided by a water restoration company.

Available 24/7

Professional water restoration companies operate on 24/7 basis. Time is really important when it comes to water damage restoration and any delay can dramatically increase your losses resulting in additional restoration expenses. If flooding has been due to any burst pipe, shut off the water supply and immediately call in professionals as soon as you can. If flooding is due to a sewage backup, floods, hurricanes, or roof leakage, you should not wait even for a second and call water restoration company to minimize your losses.

Expert help with water, fire and smoke damage insurance claims

The water restoration company can do much more than water cleanup and restoration in your home or office. They will assign you an insurance specialist who will prepare your paperwork and help you in the entire insurance claims process. Even though claiming insurance for any property damage seems easy, but insurance company will do everything possible to give you a lower amount than required. With the professional help from an insurance specialist, you will save lot of time and stress and will get the check that will easily cover all your restoration expenses.

Professional damage clean up equipment

Water restoration companies use commercial grade equipment and tools, such as blowers, portable water extraction units, dehumidifiers, pumps, humidity and moisture gauges, fans, truck mounted extraction units and so on. All this equipment will help in removing water and will restore your home or office within hours.

Technical know how

This is where water restoration companies offer the most value. You may take hours to learn and research to figure out best restoration plan for your property while professionals with years of hands on experience will immediately go to work and will restore your property in the most cost effective and efficient way. They will also advise you on potential issues with the construction of your building that might lead to future water damage issues.

Therefore, in conclusion, it's best to call a professional water restoration company as soon as any water damage occurs on your property. The sooner you'll call them, the lesser your losses will be. These companies also guarantee that their estimates will be accepted by your insurance company. That means, you won't spend anything from your pocket by hiring these professionals.

We offer a wide range of services to our clients with highly trained staff that are always ready to assist you whether its a big or small project. In this case, we can guarantee that we provide an excellent service and customer satisfaction. Your safety is our main goal. Call us today at (754)200-2341 and find out how 24/7 can help you in your home restoration from disaster. We are here to be your tool as a solution to your problem.

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Smoking is a main cause of fires in homes across the United States

While the number of fires caused by smoking is trending downward, the NFPA found that there were still an average of 17,600 related fires per year resulting in 490 deaths and more than $516 million in property damage. A report published in 2013 by the NFPA stated the number of smoking-material related fires had dropped by 73% from 2008 to 2011, due in large part to a decline in the number of people who smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Another contributor to the drop in fires caused by smoking is the adoption of new regulations for creating non-flammable mattresses, clothing and furnishings.

Almost half of the individuals killed in smoking related house fires are 65 and older. This may be because older people will tend to smoke and are prone to falling asleep with the lit cigarette is burning. This risk of house fires from smoking increases with age up to the ripe old age of 85.

It is predicted that fires caused by smoking will continue to decline because the population in general are more aware of the overall health issues surrounding smoking. If people do smoke, they tend to smoke in controlled areas such as outside in the back yard where the risk of causing a fire is greatly mitigated.

Here are some safety tips for those who still smoke:
If you smoke, consider smoking outside.
Use wide, sturdy ashtrays to catch butts and ashes.
Look for cigarette butts under furniture and between seat cushions to make sure no lit butts have fallen someplace where they can’t be seen.
Don’t smoke in bed, when you’re tired or around medical oxygen.