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What to do if a water pipe bursts in your home or business.

If a water pipe bursts in your home or place of business, you need to act quick and act smart. Here is what you need to do.

1. Shut off your main water supply to the building. Don't know where the main water supply valve is? Now is a great time to find out where it is and not during a moment when you home is flooding with water. If you can not locate the main water valve, it would be a good investment to hire a plumber or good handyman who could show you where it is. Make sure members of your family or employees in your company know where this valve is ust in case you are not there when the pipe bursts.

2. Once you have located the main water valve and closed it off tight, open the taps at your sinks and bath tub in order to relieve the water pressure in the pipes. This will slow down the water leaking from the ruptured pipe area considerably.

3. Turn off your central heating system.

4. If you suspect that wiring in that immediate area may have been soaked by the water, stay clear of the wiring and switches in order to avoid an elecritcal shock. So many people suffer severe injuries and even death because they do not respect the fact that the presence of water makes electrical switches and receptacles a hazard.

5. Use towels and blankets to help contain the water on the floor and to reduce the water from spreading to other rooms. Use a mop and bucket or a shop vac to pick up as much of the water as you can.

6. Call a plumber or damage restoration company as soon as you can so that the clean up process can begin as soon as possible.

7. It is important to remove any water damaged walls and insulation to avoid the formation of mold. When you call a water damage restoration company, make sure they are insured and bonded and that they will work on your behalf with the insurance company.