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Water, Fire and Smoke Damage to Properties in Hollywood FL

Hollywood, FL has experienced flooding issues for as long as Hollywood has existed. For over ten years, 24/7 Damage Restoration has dutifully served Hollywood residents, their homes and commercial establishments. We have an outstanding record in water damage restoration among Hollywood service companies. Hollywood has to be able to rely on a quality company being available to help when it’s property floods no matter day or time it is. 24/7 Damage Restoration is available to serve Hollywood and surrounding area residents day or night! We will respond within 45 minutes to your site to give you a free estimate during your time of turmoil!

Hollywood Flood Cleanup

How many water removal jobs has 24/7 Damage Restoration successfully done in Hollywood FL? We have successfully dried out hundreds of homes in the Broward County area with out one complaint. In fact, we have yet to have a complaint in any areas. When flooding occurs there is no one more qualified to handle your water damaged property needs than us.

What are some causes for potential flood damage in Hollywood, FL that we should be aware of?

- Sewer Backup
- Ocean Front Overflow
- Shore Flooding
- Burst Pipes
- Sump Pump Failure
- Faulty Appliances
- Roof Leaks

What are the charges for coming to my property in Hollywood FL for an Emergency Service Call?

There is no charge for a free emergency water damage restoration estimate from 24/7 Damage Restoration. Every flood cleanup job we perform is unique and this prevents an over the phone estimate. That being the case, we do not feel it would be appropriate to charge for an estimate since we have to come out anyway and our potential customers are having a bad enough day to begin with. If you had to pay for an estimate . . . well that would not be ethically sound from our point of view.