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Water Damage Restoration Services

When your home or business has a flood, water damage restoration is a service that should be performed as son as possible to prevent further destruction. Quick is necessary if you want to restore a property to a safe, livable pre-loss condition after sustaining water damage. Currently, the United States does not place government regulations that outline policies, procedures and methods for water damage clean-up. However there are two large certifying organizations known as the IICRC and the RIA that advise standards for damage restoration companies in the USA. With nearly four decades of experience our remediation services have provided the best quality water damage restoration in the industry offering the highest class of customer service, craftsmanship and repairs. We also work with all insurance companies. Our services are designed to fully restore properties that suffer from water damages due to:

  • - Rain leaks in roof
  • - Pipe bursts
  • - Plumbing malfunctions
  • - Storm damage
  • - Flooding
  • - Toilet overflow
  • - Sewage backup and black water
  • - Water heater leak
  • - Ruptured hoses
  • - Washer burst
  • - Appliance malfunctions
  • - Flooded crawlspace
  • - Fire sprinklers
  • - Pipe freeze

Our water damage restoration services offer homeowners and business owners the most comprehensive restoration techniques while using the latest drying technology to ensure all moisture has been removed from your carpets, hardwoods, cabinets, and drywall.

We will respond within 45 minutes of every call because we firmly believe that the best quality water damage restoration jobs are offered when water removal is performed right away. When your home’s concrete and wood absorbs water the materials can expand and cause cracks causing expensive repair bills. Furthermore, if you delay in calling us for water damage restoration services your home could develop toxic spores requiring our mold removal services before the black mold can make your family members sick.

If you experience a pipe leak in your walls or your crawlspace floods don’t hesitate and wonder if the destruction needs treatment or if water damage can really cause mold; phone anytime, night or day for a free inspection and let us guarantee the safety of your home!

When you have experienced water damage in your home or place of business, you will serve yourself well to understand the four (4) classifications of water damage:

24/7 Service

We don't call our company 247 Damage Restoration Services for nothing. Your water pipe bursts at 3:00 AM, who do you call - US! We never sleep and we will have a technician at your doorstep within 45 minutes from your first call. We will assess the water damage and provide you with a free estimate.


Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

There is nothing more devastating than a fire. Personal belongings can be destroyed beyond recognition and the risk of death is high. Fire and smoke damage restoration is a job best left to a professional service. They are many "how to" and "do-it-yourself" advice online however fire and smoke damage is serious. You can personally experience damage to your health and lungs if you try to perform the clean up job yourself. Our fire damage restoration team offers 24/7 response and we always put you, the customer first. Leave your worries with us. A fire can be the most frightening and devastating disaster you can encounter in your home or business. After such an ordeal, you deserve to hire the right team so your fire damage recovery can be worry free and easy.

When Do I Need Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration?

You need fire and smoke damage restoration when your home has been affected by any fire big or small. If the inside of your home is coated in ash, acidic smoke, and soot, our services are necessary to get your home back to where it needs to be. Our restoration services may also be necessary when your home’s fire sprinklers turn on and cause excess water to further damage your home. If you’re unsure of whether or not your home is in need of restoration, water removal, or water cleanup, we offer a free in home inspection to assess the damage and plan a course of action. Our technicians use specialized cleaners to safely remove ash and oily debris without causing any further complications. We advise that you steer clear of the area and call on us for cleanup and restoration as soon as possible.

Can I Clean Up Fire Damage Myself?

Our fire and smoke damage restoration team doesn’t recommend that you clean up fire damage yourself due to the possible health consequences of smoke inhalation or subsequent congestion due to the smoke. The odor from fires can be quite overwhelming and dangerous to you and your family, so we suggest calling us if the damage is too extensive for you to wipe or sweep away. Also, using conventional household cleaning products can simply make matters worse. Read more about us and what our fire and smoke damage restoration team can do for you, and call us for thorough odor removal services.

Can Your Company Get Rid of the Smokey Smell?

Yes, we can get rid of the smoky smell that persists long after the flames are out, and this is always a part of our fire and smoke damage restoration process. Our technicians will utilize the best in odor removal technologies and make sure the smoke removal is successful before leaving. If left untreated, the odor can last a lot longer than most people realize and at its worst it can seriously devalue your property. Don’t let this happen to you! Call the best fire and smoke damage restoration company for fast service and your home will be left smelling fresh and clean.

Why Call Us to Clean Up Your Fire Damage Situation?

Call us for fire and smoke damage restoration services because our company boasts over 35 years of experience in the field. We value professionalism above all else, and we always put the customer first. Available 24/7 for your needs, we offer affordable pricing that you can rely on when you are in need. Being available for our customers is our primary goal, so we make sure to respond within 45 minutes of your phone call. We are licensed, insured, and bonded which means we take the additional steps to make sure you are protected and satisfied with our services. We also work with all insurance companies because we want you to feel comfortable utilizing our top tier services for your fire damage needs. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options please give us a call today!

I am concerned about fires in my home or business. What can I do to protect myself?

The best thing to do to protect yourself is to have functioning fire alarms placed at strategic areas of your home or business. Place them at high points since smoke always precedes fire and smoke will rise to the highest point. The alarm will detect the smoke and give you and others in the building time to evacuate. Make sure your fire alarms have functioning batteries. It is suggested to change the batteries at least twice a year. also have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and garage to help mitigate any fire potential.

One tip you may want to consider is video recording every room in your home or business and also video the contents of drawers, cabinets, closets, crawl spaces etc. In the case of a major fire where belongings are destroyed beyond recognition, you will have a good record of the contents and you can then make a proper claim with your insurance company.




Disaster Damage Restoration Services

Our disaster restoration specialists are standing by 24/7 to help you in any emergency. A natural disaster can be a devastating experience and cause significant damage to your home or business. Our disaster restoration team cares about your well-being and wants you to have a safe and healthy environment as quickly as possible in the aftermath of any disaster. The technicians can handle every type of repair and restoration necessary to get your property back on its feet, so get in touch with our experienced staff for a fast response.

Why is Professional Disaster Restoration Necessary?

Professional disaster restoration is necessary because natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and severe storms can take a significant toll on your home or business. Incidents like these often require a unique combination of restoration services, and since we do everything from water removal to odor remediation we are the only call you have to make for a full recovery. We can pump floodwater out of your basement, remove fallen trees, dry and store your possessions and make complete electrical and plumbing repairs. Every inch of your home that was affected will show absolutely no sign that there was a problem. You can read more about us and what we can do to restore your property, and remember to call our disaster restoration specialists day or night for a free inspection.

How Can You Prevent a Disaster From Destroying Your Home?

Although prevention can be difficult when the onset of the disaster is swift and unforeseen, there are still some things that you can do to prevent a disaster from destroying your home according to our disaster restoration team. If you know that a natural disaster is coming, using sandbags to surround your home can help prevent flood damage. Pay close attention to any severe weather or flash flood warnings and take them seriously. Using plywood and nailing it to your windows can also prevent objects and water from invading your home in a serous storm or hurricane. Our disaster restoration technicians also recommend having a sump pump ready to go if you have a basement that is prone to flooding. Have a family emergency plan in place to keep everyone safe as much as possible, and if you need assistance when all is said and done don’t hesitate to call us for the best disaster restoration in the industry.

What Makes Us the Industry Leader?

We are the industry leader because we have over 35 years of experience in disaster restoration and there is nothing that our team can’t repair. We are available 24/7 because we know that disasters don’t keep regular business house. We are licensed, insured and bonded for your protection and also work with all insurance companies. Let our disaster restoration staff help you file your claim to make sure you are covered when you should be. Plus, our rates are low from the start so rest assured that the services you need are always within your reach. Our disaster restoration technicians use the latest drying technology and advanced techniques to completely restore every inch of your property from wood floors to drywall and everything in between. No matter what type of damage you are facing, call us for the best disaster restoration services in the industry.

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